Are you after experience in the Arts?

Do you want to get involved with Supercell 2019?

You have come to the right place.

We are looking for enthusiastic, warm and welcoming volunteers to contribute to the electric atmosphere we have here at Supercell.

Volunteer Testimonials


“I enjoyed being a volunteer for Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance. It was a great opportunity to engage and talk with artists and industry professionals.  

As a volunteer I was involved in many different aspects of the festival, from front of house, to supporting artist during tech plot. These experiences gave me a great behind the scenes look at what goes into presenting an arts festival.” 

Matilda Skelhorn


“I believe that Supercell is incredibly important for the Brisbane Contemporary Dance scene and I love that volunteering last year gave me a chance to be part of the action, and play my part in building this community!

I would definitely recommend that others volunteer for Supercell. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to watch the workshops and performances, gaining a new perspective. I picked up new skills, and meet some brilliant, interesting people all at the same time!”

Abbey Malengret


Your duties as volunteer may include:

- Using a Square POS system to accept cashless payment from patrons.

- ‘Checking in’ ticket-holders at various events.

- Encouraging participation in events across the entire festival program;

you will be expected to familiarise yourself with the events and be

comfortable providing information to patrons.

- Collecting feedback from patrons post performance.

- Directing patrons around the festival venues or to public transport.

- Providing information about the surrounding area.

- Reporting to your supervising Supercell staff member.

- Assisting in making our visiting artists feel welcome.

- Promoting festival events on social media.

- Assist with set-up and pack-down of events.

- Represent the festival by being friendly and professional.

At supercell we aim to make Brisbane a national and international hub for contemporary dance. but we need your help to achieve this.

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