Unconsciously Done explores the psychosomatic experience of Fear.

This piece will examine the complex intricacies of the human condition when faced with situations outside our comfort zones which illicit the primal response of fear. 

Unconsciously Done is a contemporary performance duet influenced by the highly-expressionistic movements of the horror genre canon, personal nightmares and private confessions. Escapism bleeds into surrealism as we explore dark corners, check under our beds and confront our inner demons. Accompanied by a brand-new composition and sound-scape, blending movement and theatrical conventions to create an atmospheric, sensorial performative work. 

Choreographed in collaboration by Stephanie Pokoj & Kristian Santic  Sound Designer Paul Young Photography Creative Commons

Stephanie is a Brisbane based dancer and choreographer. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queensland University of Technology, she has worked in Australia and UK with Independent contemporary choreographers.  Her current focus is looking at choreographing works with sensorial experiences for the audience within traditional theatre settings.

She is currently completing her Masters of Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary) at QUT, with a focus on trans-media storytelling and Advertising.  


Kristian is a Brisbane-based performance artist specialising in the forms of Contact Improvisation, Theatre, and Dance Theatre with a strong curiosity for experimental and hybrid work. His current focus on collaboration and its direct translation into work yields cacophonous, collage-like performances that are heavily influenced by the utilization of diverse modes of expressions. These works comprise of live projection, community participation/interaction, large-scale spectacle, installation, and cinematography. Kristian’s experience extends across direction and production, choreography, dramaturgy, film, and workshop facilitation. 


Paul Young is a Brisbane based composer, sound artist, visual designer, curator, researcher and drummer who has worked extensively as an independent composer for experimental films and documentaries. 

Young’s research continues to stray between the boarders of installation, live performance and electronic composition, with live visuals constituting a significant aspect of each work.



The presentation of Unconsciously Done at Supercell 2017 is proudly supported by:



24 February 2017 | 6.00pm and 9.00pm

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes


JWCOCA Theatre Rehearsal Room


AUD$23 - AUD$33 (+ GST)

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