THOMAS E.s Kelly

Thomas creates work that explores high intense physicality stemming from a cultural practice fused with contemporary, which incorporates voice and physical percussion.

 Image by Zam Wimberley

Image by Zam Wimberley

Physical Class with Thomas E.S. Kelly

Thomas E.S. Kelly will lead a physical class that takes cultural motifs and contemporary structures and smashes them together.

Finding connection to Mother Earth and using her energy to guide and propel us through the space whilst acknowledging our existence of the room, each other and our ancestors.

We’ll thrash, jump, stomp, roll, shoot, grunt, laugh, sweat, dance, stand and exist, like we’ve never existed before because in that moment we are original, it’s never happened before, so enjoy it.

No skill required. My class will push everyone to the ability that they are at.

DATE: Friday 16 February

TIME: 10:15 - 11:30AM

LOCATION: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

PRICE: $15*

**plus transaction fee of $5.95

 Image by Zam Wimberley

Image by Zam Wimberley

MAin Stage Performance - [MIS]Conceive

Extracting contemporary gestural motif from Aboriginal archetypes, [MIS]CONCEIVE’s hip-hop, physical percussion and rhythmic cultural pattern is expressive and immediate.

Through the assertion of a continuous Aboriginal dance canon, the aesthetic rejects, reveals and re-educates modern (mis)understandings of Indigeneity, [MIS]CONCEIVE argues that ‘knowledge’ does not equal comprehension. Books are not their covers. One size does not fit all.  

DATE: Sunday 18 February


DURATION: 50 mins (no interval)

LOCATION: Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse

PRICE: Full $38* Concession $25*

*plus transaction fee of $5.95