Kate Usher | Festival Curator

Welcome to Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance 2019

We are thrilled to be back at the Brisbane Powerhouse and Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts sharing the third edition of Supercell with artists and audiences alike.  

With two festivals under our belt and looking ahead to our future, a load of thinking has been invested in what do we stand behind and how do we champion? With people and places on the brain, this led us to our 2019 theme: ‘The View From Here: Australia and the Asia-Pacific’. Connecting with our neighbours in the Asia-Pacific affords us some amazing opportunities to be influenced by the lives of different people, who can shape our views and understandings of the world around us. As policy, tourism and open trade continue to be a driving force for our society, alongside endeavours for cultural diplomacy and exchange, it is vital that we are active in meeting our peers through arts and culture.

Since 2017 I have been extremely fortunate to exchange with dance artists in Hong Kong and Singapore, working to bring to fruition these presentations at Supercell. The works from these courageous artists reflect on the growing concerns for humanity: urbanisation, communication and body politics. These are unique windows - little peep-holes - into the lives and experiences of places not too far from us. Does the world look so different? 

Closer to home, female choreographers shine with national treasure Lucy Guerin Inc placing female bodies and brains firmly on stage. Heralding from Brisbane is acclaimed artist Nerida Matthaei, with a work that offers the opportunity for us to confront society’s internalised misogynies. These are sign posts to the current ideas that consume our makers and civic shakers. Yes, the future is female and it’s here, now, with the 2019 festival brought to you by an all-female Supercell team.

Supporting our dreams to see Brisbane flourish as an international destination for dance, we are super duper thrilled to have all four QLD dance companies championing different elements of the program: The Farm with our PARTICIPATE program, EDC with our SATELLITE CELLS, Dancenorth with THINK and Queensland Ballet for CAPTURED. In coming together we can generate a mighty storm of dance. 

Last but certainly not least is the Independent Dance Exchange, or INDEX as it’s more fondly known. A platform for the next generation of Queensland indie artists with bold ideas. Supercell is passionate about supporting the ecology of our home grown makers and views the opportunity to showcase Queensland artists as pivotal in the sustainability of art and culture here in Brisbane. And ooof ! What talent lives here! There is nothing more powerful then finding platforms for audiences to engage with new works. So come along and check out what your local artists have been cultivating. It’s pretty darn rad.

So as it rains down dance-filled opportunities to move, chat, see, do and debate, I hope you join us for another summer festival.  I very much look forward to sharing Supercell 2019 with you all!

Kate Usher
Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance 

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