Emma Wilson, denise comba & luke jaaniste | australia

Choreographer Emma Wilson, sound artist Luke Jaaniste (HHAARRPP) and dancer Denise Comba are working together on different ways of proposing and colliding the act of movement making and sound making.

“Sound and Movement are in dialogue, and their relationships are teased apart, glued together, questioned, blurred, lost and re-found. From an empty space audiences see performers setting up the conditions for this inquiry, activating the space and materials in a way that invites audiences to experience movement and sound as intensity and sensation. ” Emma Wilson

“We’ve discovered we all have a love of what we might call ‘evolving elaboration’ — the kind of improvisation whereby simple activities are repeated and extended upon as a living meditation, a generative expansion that is like the way toddlers learn, trees grow in rings, and seas ebb and flow. Everything begins with this movement, for us and I think for the universe.” Luke Jaaniste

We invite you into our PLAYROOM as we move from contemplation and attune to activation and elation. Sitting on cushions instead of chairs and enveloped by immersive surround sound, you are placed close to the field of action offering an intimate exchange. Welcome.


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Choreographer Emma Wilson Performer Denise Comba Sound Designer Luke Jaaniste

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Emma Wilson is an independent artist using the body as a point of departure for choreographic inquiry. Key interests include staging the possibility for vulnerability and failure, and investigating modes of non/making and collaboration that deal with capitalist imperatives of production and consumption. Emma has formative influences from Melbourne and Amsterdam and is now based in Brisbane. 

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Denise is a dancer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, now based in Brisbane. She studied ballet since childhood and turned to contemporary dance in the last decade, studying with various dance schools and workshops in Argentina and Belgium and co-creating various projects. In Australia she has continued her dance practice including improvisation research with other dancers.


Luke Jaaniste is a sonic-spatial-social artist based in Brisbane and working across Australia and overseas. His sonic work is highly immersive, exploring the vibrational material qualities of sound, in a wide range of contexts of full-body listening. He performs and directs solo and ensemble, co-directs with Super Critical Mass and Theatre of Thunder, and hosts events through Mesmerism Inc. 

Supporting partner MESMERISM INC (surround sound audio equipment).



25 February 2017 | 6.00pm

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes


JWCOCA Theatre Rehearsal Room


AUD$23 - AUD$33 (+ GST)

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