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Point One (excerpt)  

guangdong modern dance company | CHINA

Point One was a full-length work created by Li Pian Pian and Tan Yuan Bo, two of the most promising up and coming choreographers in China, on an ensemble of fourteen dancers. This iteration of the work was the result of an ongoing research of the couple choreographers’ approach to dance expressions, which are rid of formal precepts and true to the essence of human nature. Virtuous and poetic, highly fluid and dynamic, this piece presents a unique perspective with focused and dynamic movement language.

Choreography Li Pian Pian & Tan Yuan Bo Performers Liu Qing Yu & He Min

The hands


A duet consisting of a man and a woman, The Hands describes the specific objective of a positive criticism. Two people tell their story: 

He is caring, while she is sensitive. The two were born in Zhuhai in the same year, and both reside in Macau, though acquired education abroad. In 2016, both dancers accepted the same invitation to perform a duet. They exchanged little stories with each other and saw one another through thick and thin. Everyone is beautiful yet sad, sociable yet lonely. Sometimes life drags us down, and more often than not, we have a helping hand to pull us up. These hands could be anything, a person, a thing, or even an idea or courage. Years later, we would still talk about our own clumsiness and tension, looking back at the wounds and laughter. As the French saying goes, “C’est la vie!”

Choreography Lin Yu Ju Performers Ng Kaman & Lao Pui Lon

four legs is good, two legs is better


Royalty today comes in a different form. The rat race lifestyle can turn people upside down, forcing some to do unspeakable things only for a chance to get to the top. The pyramid always stays the same. In this piece, with the modern-day kings behind high-end suits a present day slave wears a crusty old uniform.

The pyramid has long existed.

Choreography & Performer Albert Garcia

The sun rises as usual


This is the era that we cannot stop.

Our innovation is weak; we have no strong belief.

What is this era? What was the past era? Where is our era?

And if we do not have the sun in our hearts, where should we go?

Choreography & Performer Lou Hio Mei



23 February 2017 | 7.30pm

Duration: Approx. 70 mins (with interval)


JWCoCA Performance Space


AUD$25 - AUD$35 (+ GST)

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This is a Delta Moves project. Delta Moves is a confluence of contemporary dance at the pan-Pearl River Delta region.

Supported by: 2016 Major Cultural Exchange Projects with Hong Kong and Macau and 2016 China Friendship Association of Cultural Circles Supported Key Projects.

Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau, Guangdong Province Department of Culture