These classes are practical laboratories of ideas and embodied practices. Participants will be inspired by their personal journey via the lens of the facilitator’s ideas and practices, discovering what motivates these artists and gives them their take on the world.


Physical characterisation and story telling, ages 16+

Shock Therapy Productions

TIME: Tuesday 2 April, 11.00 - 1.00PM

SKILL LEVEL: No experience required

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: The workshop will also explore Shock Therapy’s approach to devising issue based theatre.  Through play and improvisation around certain themes, issues and true stories, ideas and perspectives can be fleshed out and moulded into narrative. Everyone has a story to tell and this workshop will investigate various ways to extract and present these stories in an engaging way.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Shock Therapy Productions is a Gold Coast based arts company founded by Sam Foster and Hayden Jones.  The company’s vision is to create Provocative Arts Experiences, through story telling that explores what it is to be human - provocative, challenging, uplifting and impactful.

Shock Therapy’s work has been commissioned by major festivals, been published by Playlab, toured both nationally and internationally and been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.  Shock Therapy are funded triennially through the City of Gold Coast.


Part Of, Within, ages 14+

Renae Shadler and Maria Nurmela

TIME: Wednesday 3 April, 11.00 - 1.00PM

SKILL LEVEL: No experience necessary

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: Inviting you into the creative process of their newest creation, Renae Shadler and Maria Nurmela lead a 2-hour workshop focused on developing environmental awareness and embodiment. Together the group will explore how through movement, language and somatics we can co-create a notable, sensual experience of being “part of, within”. The workshop will develop towards a collective, improvised choreography inspired by the movement of the Aerocene Explorer, a solar-sculpture that is inflated only with air, lifted by the sun and carried by the wind.

ABOUT RENAE AND MARIA: The 'Susurrus’ project was initiated by independent choreographer/dancers, Renae Shadler and Maria Nurmela in May 2017. Now an international team from different artistic landscapes in Australia, Germany, USA and Finland, the group are committed to creating ecological ways to make and present performance art. ‘Susurrus’ have led events at Palais de Tokyo (FR), Ehkä -productions (FIN) and Hellerau - European Center of the Arts (DE), among others.


They Gather Workshop, ages 18+

Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau

TIME: Thursday 4 April, 11.00 - 1.00PM

SKILL LEVEL: Some experience necessary

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: In dialogue with ‘need’ and ‘action’ that exist in humanity and the environment, ‘They Gather’ explores and creates states of being and coming together: to be heard, to find meaning, to survive, to connect.

This masterclass will practically lead participants into the creative process developed during this project. It will focus on the ways that developing and using scores enabled collaboration between artists of different practice backgrounds as well as community and audiences. This masterclass is for anyone interested in coming closer to creative process and in how artistic work can respond and engage with social issues.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: They Gather is a collaboration between dance, performance art and sound / music artists with histories in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia and a portfolio of works in festivals and galleries globally: engaging people, place and new technologies that includes work responding to urgent human rights and socio-political-community issues.

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Land Acknowledgements, ages 16+

Katina Olsen | Australia

TIME: Friday 5 April, 11.00 - 1.00PM

SKILL LEVEL: Professional experience required

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: How do we acknowledge who we are and where we’re from through movement?

Through movement, how do we then acknowledge the land that supports us whilst sharing ourselves and where we’re from?

Through a research and practice of finding what it means to Indigenise time, Katina shares with workshop participants tools that we can all use to acknowledge and give reference to the land we’re standing and moving on.

ABOUT KATINA: Katina’s choreographic interests interrogate her cultural dance and story through various forms including theatre, moving sculpture, film and installation.

Choreographic highlights include Mother’s Cry for Sydney Dance Company’s New Breed, Yalu Dad and namu nunar for Festival 2018, Cleverman 2, Walking into the Bigness and Min Min for QUT’s Dance ’17.


Two Left Feet? ages 14+

Travers Ross | Australia

TIME: Saturday 6 April, 11.00 - 1.00PM

SKILL LEVEL: No experience required

Our Saturday workshops are open to the general public and professionals encouraging all ages and abilities to join in on the Supercell fun! We hope you can join us!

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: Fall in love with the highest technology you could ever dream of! YOUR BODY and all ITS GAGETS - Connect to you, all of your senses in absolute presence and dance with them to create AWE. Dance is a story, a dream and transforms into sounds in lyrics from the inside out. Find the gift in your unco-ness and unlock your super sonic shapeshifting abilities to become something beyond yourself. Being yourself isn’t good enough so let me show you a deeper you if you will let me or just stay happy in the body and mind you have been all this life. Travers name represents where cross roads meet. He is a bridge for many worlds to meet and it is another level of respect beyond this White Supremacy.

ABOUT TRAVERS: Travers currently works as the founder of a creative production agency called AWE MILL but is a National and International focussed business growing. Awe Mill strives to bring more art, film, performance and creative events to the land down under and take ours O.S. From Awe Mill Mr Ross has started his own dance company called S.O.A, The very first show "CALLING TO BELONG” Debuted at Splendour in the Grass 2017, Had a documentary filmed on the process which went to the Event Cinema’s Gold Coast and was then taken to perform on the main stage in Surfers Paradise Beach for the Commonwealth Games FESTIVAL 2018 to name one of the plenty things Travers contributes to the arts and culture of the this continent.