These classes focus around a piece being presented in the festival. Participants will be invited into the curiosities of the facilitator through repertoire, pedagogical techniques and thematic concepts.


Tactile Bodies, ages 18+

Rebecca Wong | HK

TIME: Tuesday 2 April, 2.30 - 4.30PM

SKILL LEVEL: Some experience necessary

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: Wong’s extensive research into BDSM and specialty cultures led her to create her own notation combining Shibaru knot tying techniques and Butoh. In this workshop, participants are invited to explore trust, desire and consent through the exploration and play of rope-tying techniques. Wong will share her methodology in questioning objectification, censorship and the ownership of the female form and its application to choreography. 

In this workshop participants have the opportunity to lead and follow, to knot and untie, exploring the relational mapping of space and tension. 

Wong will lead the participants through facilitated improvisations introducing the knot-tying techniques and Butoh notation. Participants will then be invited to discuss and reflect on the experience of leading and following, of tying and being tied, before physicalising the sensations and imagery into movement and choreography.

ABOUT REBECCA: A graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Wong’s choreography and performances from a female perspective that question traditional stereotypes. Wong studied Butoh under master Yukio Waguri and participated in the theatre production White Room in 2016. Earning a scholarship in 2017, she joined the Atlas choreography workshops at the ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival. In 2018 Wong participated in Creative meeting Point: Hong Kong x Barcelona a residency exchange programme with the support of West Kowloon.

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Transmission, ages 18+

Joshua Pether | Australia

TIME: Wednesday 3 April, 2.30 - 4.30PM

SKILL LEVEL: No experience required

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: Performance artist Joshua Pether will lead ‘Transmission’ - one part of a collaborative practice between WeiZen Ho and Pether, looking to the body as a method of transmitting information from historical events. The workshop invites artists to take part in a process of connection with their own cultural heritage (be that either real or imagined), using elements of ritual and movement exercises, to engage their own body to tell their story through voice, text, sound and movement. Please wear comfortable clothing appropriate for movement. Workshop is suitable for all levels of abilities and open to all artists regardless of dance experience.

ABOUT JOSHUA: Joshua Pether is of Kalkadoon heritage but lives and works on Noongar country in Western Australia. He is a performance artist, dancer and choreographer of movement, temporary ritual and imagined realties. His practice is influenced by his two cultural histories – indigeneity and disability, and the hybridisation of the two. His interest lies in the aesthetics of the disabled body and also that of the colonised body and how the two intertwining cultures feed off each other to create new forms and possibilities. He has performed work both nationally and internationally, engaging with festivals and organisations such as APAM, Next Wave, BlakDance, Critical Path, Yirramboi Festival, Undercover Artist Festival and most recently PS122 as part of the First Nations Dialogues in New York.


SPLIT Workshop, ages 16+

Lucy Guerin with Lilian Steiner | Australia

TIME: Thursday 4 April, 2.30 - 4.30PM

SKILL LEVEL: Professional experience required

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: There are two approaches to making movement in Lucy Guerin’s work Split. One is purely choreographic and rhythmic, and the other stems from improvised material based on narrative, drama and conflict. One is purely physical and experiential, where the other brings different qualities into the body through imagination, emotional states and disruption of familiar patterns.
In this workshop, Split dancer Lilian Steiner will begin by leading a warm-up. Then, these two different approaches to choreography will be introduced by Lucy Guerin. Participants will learn some of the set material from Split and also develop their own material through guided improvisation.

ABOUT LUCY: Lucy Guerin was born in Adelaide Australia. She moved to New York in 1989 and then returned to establish Lucy Guerin Inc in Melbourne in 2002. She has toured her works internationally and to all major Australian Festivals. In 2016 she received the Australia Council Award for Outstanding Contribution to Dance.


Improvisation Workshop, ages 16+

Joseph Lee | HK

TIME: Friday 5 April, 2.30 - 4.30PM

SKILL LEVEL: Professional experience required

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: Joseph would take his class as a sharing of his practice and interests and open it up as a device for participants to experience and explore with their own needs. His current practice focuses on the consciousness of performers during improvisation exercise, the awareness of the body and the space around and within, the connection between the body and the mind, articulation of mental pictures to physical ideas, poetic quality and narrative in movements.

ABOUT JOSEPH: Joseph Lee is a dance artist based in Hong Kong. Lee began his dance training at the age of seventeen and, later on, further his dance training at The Place, London Contemporary Dance School in UK, where he obtained his Master of Arts (Contemporary Dance). Recent Choreography includes It tastes like you (2016), Folding Echoes (2016), The World Was Once Flat (2018).Lee was awarded Arts Development Award for Young Artist (2017); the Chin Lin Foundation of Emerging Choreographer(2016).


Disco Ritual Dance Class, all ages

The Farm | Australia

TIME: Saturday 6 April, 2.30 - 4.30PM

SKILL LEVEL: No experience required

Our Saturday workshops are open to the general public and professionals encouraging all ages and abilities to join in on the Supercell fun! We hope you can join us!

VENUE: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Performance Space.

PRICE: $15 *plus fees and charges*

ABOUT: Join The Farm for a final wrap up of the Participate program in a special 2 hour workshop that is for everybody from dance aficionados to novices. Don’t hang back by the wallpaper, hit the dance floor underneath the glitter ball and and find the ways we connect when we dance with abandon. Part disco, part pagan ritual, The Farm will lead a class that focuses on the communication between people when they work (and play!) together. We will learn how to stay responsive and present in yourself while at the same time being completely aware of each other. After all isn’t that the way we’re all going to save the world?

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Based on the Gold Coast with roots in Berlin, The Farm are driven by a desire to connect to anyone, from dance and theatre virgins to aficionados and professionals. Often described as cinematic, our work is based on universal subjects and themes that matter.