A note from our guest curator Kate Harman and The Farm.

Participate: The Common Ground

Why dance? We say, hell why not? Before we could speak, dance was a common ground where we communicated and shared our experiences. As hosts of this year’s Participate Program with Supercell, The Farm invite you to join us in establishing a Common Ground for all of us, a place where dance aficionados and novices alike can take to the dance floor.

If you have a body you can move and when you move you create space for change, and isn’t that what you and the world really need? We invite you to step outside what you know and do something that you have never done, because the unknown and the yet to be experienced is where our futures lie.

For 2019 we have framed the Participate program into ‘The How’, ‘The Why’ and ‘The What’ and a bonus experience that weaves together ideas, artists, venues and people through ‘The Envelope’.


This is the place where both facilitators and participants let their hair down. Time to sweat, dive deep into the mechanics of the moving body and find new ways to do what you do.


These classes are practical laboratories of ideas and embodied practices. Participants will be inspired by their personal journey via the lens of the facilitator’s ideas and practices, discovering what motivates these artists and gives them their take on the world.


Theses classes focus around a piece being presented in the festival. Participants will be invited into the curiosities of the facilitator through repertoire, pedagogical techniques and thematic concepts.


A dance version of the Amazing Race but without the prize money! The Farm will provide provocations during the walks between workshops and performances that come in the form of letters placed strategically along the path. Each will lead the participants to rethink and reimagine the context of a simple walk from one place to another.



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