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Joseph lau & bridget fiskE | united kingdom / AUSTRALIA

Inner Terra

‘Inner Terra’ documents and responds to exchanges with individuals affected by crisis, seeking asylum and being at the fringes. Moments of being pushed and of attempting to hold on, of loss and of risk, of compassion and of community are punctuated with echoes of shared dance and play. ‘Inner Terra’ explores the continued search for a connection and identity, the human capacity to reach out and the failure of our limitations. 


Choreography Bridget Fiske with contributions from Joseph Lau Performers Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau Composer Miguel Marin Producer Tricia Coleman Lighting Design Andrew Crofts Rehearsal Direction (AU) Storm Helmore.

Thank-you: Jade Aitchinson, Clare Courtney, Shona Roberts, Catherine Simmonds, Lyndsey Thomas, Amy Voris & all those who shared their experiences with us. Born from previous research undertaken during the EU residency project ‘YES Move. NO Move. (Moved?)’ realised in the framework of BeSpectACTive! 

Born from previous research undertaken during the project ‘YES Move. NO Move. (Moved?)’
realised in the framework of BeSpectACTive!

Supported by University of Salford.

The Age of Ledger

Through working with personal and global events, the psychological and social impact that money and economics have in governing our world is explored through the individual. 


Choreography & Performance Joseph Lau Choreographic Consultants Laura Aris & Bridget Fiske Original Music Miguel Marin Audio Support Stelios Manousakis & Stephanie Pan Original Text Joseph Lau Vocal artists Malcolm Reaburn & Bridget Fiske Lighting Design Andrew Crofts Set & Costume Design Joseph Lau Rehearsal Direction (AU) Storm Helmore Music Chinese Exercise Music,  ‘Rose Rose I Love You (Mei Gui Mei Gui Wo Ai Ni)’ Miss Hue Lee. extracts from ‘The Green Table’ Fritz Cohen, ‘Aurora’ Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto Speeches sampled ‘A Time for Choosing’ Ronald Reagan, ‘Lloyd Blankfein gives commencement address at 2013 LaGuardia Community College’ Lloyd Blankfein, ‘How much of that shitty deal did you sell to your clients: Goldman Sachs Hearing’ US Senator Carl Levin & Daniel Sparks. 

This project has been previously supported using public funding by The National Lottery through Arts Council England. Project partners have included Dance Manchester, Dance Base (Edinburgh), Z-Arts (Manchester) and University of Salford. Development showings have been performed during Dance Manchester’s ‘Homegrown’ season at Z-Arts (Manchester) in March 2014. As part of the Moving Dance Forward Initiative of which Joseph was an inaugural associate, the fully realised ‘The Age of Ledger’ was presented at the Unity Theatre (Liverpool) in March 2015.

Thank you: Mark Whitelaw (previous dramaturgical advice), Bridget Fiske (vocal recording), Andrew Crofts and those who have provided generous

They Gather

Presenting outcomes from the first stages of research into a new ensemble work that is aiming to explore yearning and survival in a multi-layered way. Performed by artists from Australia, led by Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau and developed especially for SUPERCELL.


Choreography Bridget Fiske & Joseph Lau Collaborating Performers Charles Ball, Storm Helmore, Stephanie Pokoj, Courtney Scheu & Sammie Williams Performing at SUPERCELL Bridget Fiske, Storm Helmore, Stephanie Pokoj and Courtney Scheu. Music ‘Let us meet where the grass is green’ (Chinese Folk song) sung by Stephanie Pan & ‘That which is swan and ivy’ Center no Distractor (Stelios Manousakis & Stephanie Pan) Dance Artists contributing to research and devising in Manchester, UK Ina Colizza Boo, Eithne Kane, Callum Newman & Aline Zora.

Thank you: Chloe Carman, Lucas Howson, Vanessa Rowan, Tiana Butler, Alishea Fernyhough, Polly Norcombe & Emilie Tunstall for contributing to creative research dialogue.



20 February 2017 | 7.30pm

Duration: Approx. 90 minutes (with interval)


JWCoCA Performance Space


AUD$25 - AUD$35 (+ GST)

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