HK Stories | An evening of short works


An evening of short works from three of Hong Kong’s acclaimed independent dance artists. Unpacking 21st century themes of urbanisation, censorship and transcultural communication, this triple bill is a snapshot into hot topics from this global new-world city.

Folding Echoes | JOSEPH LEE

In Folding Echoes the theatre takes centre stage as a metaphor for inter-cultural discourse, as Joseph Lee distorts and reimagines the rules surrounding theatre etiquette in modern society.

Choreographer: Joseph Lee
Performer: Joseph Lee
Lighting Designer: Tze Yu Lai
Lighting Executive: Ivan Chan
Composer: Hin Lo
Producer: Fontane Yiu

Folding echoes was premiered at City Contemporary Dance Company 2nd stage; commissioned and produced by City Contemporary Dance Company Dance Centre in 2016.


In the age of #freethenipple, who ‘owns’ our bodies and what does that mean for our understandings of gender? Nook offers a sensitive exploration into the complex maze of the female body, sex and desire, questioning eastern and western ideas of censorship and ownership around the female form.

Choreographer: Rebecca Pik Kei Wong
Performers: Rebecca Pik Kei Wong and Ivy Tsui
Lighting Designer: Bie Lai
Composer: Paul Yip
Costume Maker: Luise Yau
Producer: Andy Lo

Nook was premiered at the Hong Kong Contemporary Dance Series; commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2017.

in,visible(cities); | WAYSON POON

in,visible(cities); is duet which explores urbanisation and rapidly shifting landscapes. In a brick and mortar world of glass high rises and rapid gentrification, is there a ‘space’ for memory, desire, individuality and the soft in-between of visible and invisible walls? Will one day cities, precincts and communities be redundant as we continue to move towards an increasingly virtual existence?

Choreographer: Wayson Poon
Director: Adrian Yeung
Performers: Wayson Poon and Adrian Yeung
Lighting Designer: Lawmanray, Chi Wai Lee
Lighting Executive: Bie Lai
Composer: Man Chun Li
Dramaturg: Ying Fung Ho
Producer: Carrol Ho

in,visible(cities); was commissioned and produced by i-Dance Festival (Hong Kong) 2016.


Thursday 4 April 2019 | 7.30pm

Duration: 115 minutes (no interval, pauses between works)

Content Warning: 16+, Contains Adult themes, Sexual References, Nudity.


Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse


$25 - $38*

*(plus booking fee)




Joseph Lee | Choreographer/Performer

Joseph LEE was born in Hong Kong and began his dance training at the age of seventeen. Upon his graduation with a bachelor in Professional Accountancy, he decided to further his training at The Place, London Contemporary Dance School in UK, where he obtained his Master of Arts (Contemporary Dance) in 2015.

Lee was awarded the Arts Development Award for Young Artist; the Chin Lin Foundation of Emerging Choreographer with his solo work Pardon…Pardon? (2016) in the showcase of World Dance Alliance Asia- Pacific Forum 2016 in Seoul. His first-directed dance video It tastes like you (2016) was selected in the Jumping Frame International Dance Video Festival 2016 (awarded the Audience’s Choice Award).

Joseph is teaching in the Participate program on Friday 5 April, 2.30 - 4.30PM | THE WHAT



Rebecca Pik Kei Wong | Choreographer/Performer

A graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Wong’s choreography and performances question stereotypes from a female perspective. Sometimes provocative her works evoke a revaluation of attitudes by and towards – women, body and desires, especially sex.

Major works include: When time limp, Woman.Body, 19841012, Nook and Bird-Watching. With performances in Iceland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden and China.

Wong studied Butoh under master Yukio Waguri’ and participated in the theatre production White Room in 2016. Earning a scholarship in 2017 she joined the Atlas choreography workshops at the ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival. In 2018 Wong participated in Creative meeting Point :Hong Kong x Barcelona a residency exchange programme with the support of West Kowloon.

As a dance artist, Wong seeks to enrich her choreography through contemplation of social issues. She anticipates creating more works from the perspective of women that question traditional asian mindset.

Rebecca is teaching in the Participate program on Tuesday 2 April, 2.30 - 4.30PM | THE WHAT

Image by photography

Image by photography

Wayson Poon | Choreographer/Performer

Wayson Poon has worked in Europe and Asia as a choreographer, performer, researcher and educator. Due to the impacts of various cultures, his works have combined oriental spirit and western methodology, deciphered the essence of body from different aspects, studied the language of dance from several levels and brought out the harmonious chord in the vibration of many elements. He has dedicated himself to exploration of the meaning in his works and a variety of solo dance pieces in the context of contemporary dance. Notable works include Behind 3.0, Untitled, Fleeing by Night, in,visible(cities); and Vortex. His works have appeared in a number of different areas and arts festival publications and tours.

Poon has led workshops in his body of research across the world, including at ilYoung (Sweden), Bath Spa University (UK), Asia Dance Project (Korea), Melbourne Festival (Australia), Chengdu Yuan-shu Contemporary Dance Space (China) and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HK). Recently, he received the 2016 Hong Kong Arts Development Award for a Young Artist.

Wayson is teaching in the PARTICIPATE program on Wednesday 3 April, 9.15 - 10.45AM | THE HOW