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Supercell and Culturelink present Forecast: an evening of hot and humid performances, showcasing contemporary dance from Singapore and Queensland.

Featuring signature companies and renowned artists we look at the big topics, take the temperature of current cultural zeitgeists and reflect on how our unique position in the Asia Pacific is a lense in which we share across the equator.

FORECAST will included works from T.H.E Dance Company, The Farm, Expressions Dance Company and Daniel Kok.

Supercell is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and by Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Powerhouse and The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

Date & Time

SATURDAY 17 Feb 2018, 7pm

Duration: 150 mins — includes interval


Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse


Full $38*

Concession $25*

*plus transaction fee of $5.95

the crossing by The Farm (AUs)

The Crossing explores the desire for self expression from two different artists and the meeting point between them.

Kayah, a young man with Down Syndrome, uses dance to express the way he sees the world and the way the world sees him. With the support of his mentor, choreographer Gavin Webber, Kayah wants to say he is strong, he is masculine, and he is sexual. He also wants people to know he is vulnerable and “not always happy”.

The Crossing examines the unique bond that exists between these two men and the way it has been forged through the language of dance and improvisation. It has been created by Kayah and Gavin to reflect their common interests and their differences. Together they have created a space where they can dance, laugh, wrestle, die and be reborn, become monsters, connect and collide and ultimately negotiate their mutual desire to communicate with each other and everyone else.

The Farm are proudly supported by City of Gold Coast

Cheerleader of Europe by Daniel kok (Sgp)

Europeans have become impatient and skeptical about the European Project. With no decisive economic recovery in sight - but widespread unemployment, austerity measures and increased immigration fears - the spectre of crisis has cast a long shadow across the continent.

But one artist, resolute in his beliefs in the constitution of Europe, wishes to marshal the community towards a sense of unity. Who better to play the Cheerleader of Europe than the neutral Asian? Hailing from the economic miracle city-state of Singapore, he is Left and Right, East and West, In and Out and shake it all about. The performance promises a utopic finale, complete with confetti.


The presentation of Daniel Kok's work is co-produced by CultureLink Singapore and is supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore, and the Singapore International Foundation.

PURE by T.H.E Dance Company (SGP)

Inspired by the philosophical adage, l’existence précède l’essence (existence precedes essence), Pure examines the complexities of “living together” as both a unit of family and society.

Pure is driven by the perpetual cycle of tension and compromise that accompany every form of social interaction. An inevitable consequence of Man’s fundamental craving to belong. We may own the freedom to decide our individual actions, but so long as we exist amongst other humans, we can never escape the full forces that dictate the ebb and flow of existence. They are one and the same no matter the varying shapes and forms that manifest within different cultures and societal tiers.

The presentation of Pure by T.H.E Dance Company is co-produced by CultureLink Singapore with support from the National Arts Council, Singapore and the Singapore International Foundation.

A New Work choreographed by Stephanie lake by Expressions Dance Company (AUS)

Since 1984, Expressions Dance Company (EDC) has been creating important collaborative opportunities for established and aspiring dance makers.

EDC is proud to commission multi-award winning choreographer Stephanie Lake to create an evocative and visceral new contemporary dance work as an element of Expressions upcoming Converge season. Members of the EDC ensemble will perform an excerpt.