dance FLICKS

Dance Flicks is a platform for short films relevant to contemporary dance to be presented across Supercell Dance Festival from 9-18 February 2018.

As part of Supercell, Dance Flicks will showcase the work of local and national film artists across our festival venues. The program strives to present thought-provoking works, encourage fresh perspectives from festival attendees, and generate meaningful conversation around dance and creative practice. Can the ephemeral experience of performance be captured on film?


Dance Flicks is open to short films by local, national and international film artists. We are seeking already established works that respond to the below framework:

  • A short film relating to dance, preferably the contemporary style

  • Duration of work would ideally be between 5 - 30 minutes

  • Not completely reliant on sound - NB Not all screening spaces allow for sound, so pieces that are not reliant on sound are preferred.

  • Artists who are open and proactive in advocating, promoting and engaging audiences in their work.

  • Please note: Supercell are scoping multiple screening platforms for Dance Flicks 2018. In the 2017 festival for example, selected films were screened in foyer and on the front exterior wall of Judith Wright Centre. Applications will be reviewed in line with consideration of technical specifications of available screening platforms.

Please download the Information Pack here for more information including how we work with artists and who should apply.


If you have any questions about the Dance Flicks application process, please contact:

Emily Wells at

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Midnight, Sunday 21 January 2018.


Name *
A clear and concise proposal that details the film and its relevance to dance and Supercell. Please include the following: * Describe the film concept and why the work is important * How does it relate to dance, the practice and/or the industry? * Why does this piece work well within a festival setting? * Why do you want to present your film at Supercell? * What is the films format? - e.g. what size? What is the length? * How reliant is your film on sound?
Support material can be in whichever form best speaks to the work - e.g. reviews, stimulus material, previous screenings and successes. Please send all attachments in PDF format to