Explain Normal | Daniele Constance

in collaboration with Aha Ensemble and Phluxus2 Dance Collective


“Somewhere in our history we were told that this is wrong, but this is right. That self doubt is something that everyone feels. That we all get a little sad sometimes. That one day we’ll die."

Explain Normal
 is a new and exciting artistic collaboration between performing artists with disability from Aha Ensemble and dance artists from Phluxus2 Dance Collective. Explain Normal explores how this collective of artists define perceptions of normalcy, through the lens of their diverse experiences. This development explores the juxtaposition of the artists, their bodies and identities; experimenting together to develop a shared movement language and collaborative practice across a rich and diverse range of personal performance histories. We ask the questions, "What is it to be normal? Who gets to decide? Do we really care anyway?" In this work in development showing, we will share our discrete investigations and perspectives on society and difference.

This work is supported by Metro Arts.


Saturday 6 April 2019 | 6PM

Duration: 50 minutes (no latecomers)

Content Warning: Adult themes, Coarse Language


Turbine Studio, Brisbane Powerhouse


$20 *

*(plus booking fee)


Choreographer/Script Writers: Daniele Constance and Nerida Matthaei

Performers: Kayah Guenther, Megan Louise West, Allycia Staples, Mitchell Runcie, Ruby Donohoe, Tara Heard, Rebecca Dostal, Nadia Milford, Charles Ball

Musician/Composer: Joseph Burgess


Daniele Constance | Choreographer/Dancer

Daniele is a participatory artist and producer, with a strong focus on socially engaged art making practices. She works with diverse and marginalised community groups to create a platform for capacity building, skills development and creative expression - with a strong artistic merit and ethical approach to working with community. 

She creates artistic works that draw from direct experience, oral histories and storytelling with a focus on creating professional artistic outcomes. Her aim is to create works that are true to the stories and experiences collected, but married with contemporary performance practices that allow these powerful and often unheard stories to be held in an artistic space.