dance for screen

A festival platform celebrating the nexus of film, media, technology and dance presented as part Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance from the 4-7 April 2019.

DANCE FOR SCREEN showcases the work of local, national and international film and dance artists across our festival venues, culminating in a dance film festival on the 7th of April, 2019 in collaboration with New Farm Cinemas. The program highlights the relationships between film and dance, encourages fresh perspectives from festival attendees around the possibilities of dance and generate meaningful conversation on dance and creative practice. The program asks, can the ephemeral experience of performance be captured on film?

Who should apply for DANCE FOR SCREEN?

DANCE FOR SCREEN is open to short films by local, national and international film artists. Supercell are seeking works that respond to the following framework:

  • A short film relating to dance, preferably the contemporary style

  • A duration between 5 - 60 minutes, with shorter films being uploaded to the festival’s curated YouTube channel

  • Artists who are open and proactive in advocating, promoting and engaging audiences in their work. This includes championing the marketing of their work as well as availability to participate in classes, talks and exchange opportunities conducted throughout the festival.

  • Supercell are scoping multiple screening platforms for DANCE FOR SCREEN 2019. Films will be screened across festival venues such as the Powerhouse foyer, on the front exterior wall of the Judith Wright Centre and of course at New Farm Cinemas special event.

  • Applications will be reviewed in line with consideration of technical specifications of available screening platforms.

How does Supercell work with artists?

Supercell is committed to supporting our local creative sector and providing opportunities for artists to present and participate in the festival. Supercell provide artists with the following:

  • Screening space and opportunity at a festival venue

  • Inclusion in Supercell promotion and marketing collateral

  • Festival environment, enabling artists to reach a wider range of audiences through the diversity of works in our program

  • A pivotal platform for networking and opportunities for collaboration

Please review and consider Supercell’s timeline and requirements of successful DANCE FOR SCREEN applications before applying.

26 November 2018 - DANCE FOR SCREEN EOIs close

3 December 2018 - Applicants notified

14 December 2018 - Marketing collateral due

21 December 2018 - Marketing collateral sign off


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact:

Emily Wells at


Name *
What is the piece about? How does it relate to dance, the practice and/or the industry? What themes, ideas, concepts and/or forms are you interrogating? Please include the title of the work.
What are your motivations and inspirations for creating the film? In making this film, what did you want to share with audiences? Why did you need to make this work? Why do people need to see this work? Are there any other artists who have influenced you? Include other works for points of reference.
Why did you express this concept through film specifically? How have you used this medium to express your concept?
Why do you want to present your film with Supercell? Why will this film work well within a festival setting? Please review the Supercell Curatorial Framework before responding to this question?
a. How many artists were involved in creating the film? b. What were their roles? c. What is the films format? E.g. what size? What is the length? d. How reliant is the film on sound? e. Have you secured appropriate rights for any music/footage used in the film?
a. Please provide a list of key creatives involved, with one paragraph biographies. b. Please provide a link to the film (e.g. links to Dropbox or Google Drive) with password if required.