Presented by Ekosdance Company, The Tivoli Theatre, Supercell Dance Festival and Arts Centre Melbourne

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Fresh from a string of dates at Sydney Festival, Darwin Festival, OZAsia Festival, AsiaTOPA and multiple European cities, Cry Jailolo is set to ignite the The Tivoli stage in a sign of exciting things to come for the venue, Supercell Dance Festival and Brisbane's thriving arts scene. 

“an exquisite fusion of traditional dance with a contemporary choreographic sensibility... intensely satisfying” - THE ADVERTISER

Driven by the relentless rhythms of the ocean and the life that teems within, Cry Jailolo is an hour of constant motion in a shimmering halo of hope.

The remote Indonesian town of Jailolo is home to some of the world's most spectacular coral seascapes, and choreographer Eko Supriyanto spent two years diving with 350 local youths to understand their relationship with this ancient ecology. He surfaced profoundly affected by the bond these young men share with their underwater environment, and together they began to build a performance developed from this connection.

The rolling of surf and the darting of fish, the crash of breakers and the pull of tides – Cry Jailolo sees seven non-trained youths drawing on both contemporary performance and traditional ritual in the service of a work unlike any other. Beneath its playful and dynamic physicality, it is also a powerful call to end the destruction of coral reefs, and a joyous heralding of the time when the soul of these waters will be restored. 

Inspired by the 'Legu Salai' dance of the Sahu Tribe and the 'Soya-Soya' dance from North Maluku, Cry Jailolo resonates with a spirit and optimism that is all its own.



9 March 2017 | 7.00pm

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes


The Tivoli Theatre

52 Costin Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD


AUD$30 - AUD$38 (+ GST)

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Choreographer Eko Supriyanto Composer Setyawan Jayantoro Dramaturg Arco Renz Assistant Choreographer Geri Krisdiant Dancers Veyndi Dangsa, Greatsia Yobel Yunga, Fernandito Wangelaha, Gerry Gerardo Bella, Noveldi Bontenan, Fernando Migar, Arzhy Lefry Noky Sceneographer and Lighting Iskandar K. Loudin Costume Designer Retno Tan Producer Jala Adolphus Tour Manager Isa Natadiningrat Production EkosDance Company