CAPTURED Dance for Screen showcases the 21st century relationship between body and lens.

DATE AND TIME: Sunday 7 April 2019, 4.15PM

DURATION: 95 minutes


VENUE: New Farm Cinema

PRICE: $20 *plus booking fee*


Gogi the film

Gogi Dance Collective | Australia

ABOUT: Tales of isolation. A longing for connection. A restlessness. Three sisters are separated from each other and stuck in their own worlds. Breathtaking Australian landscapes set the scene for this poetic fusion of movement and sound, reminding us to remember the power of our roots and origins.

Producer + Director: Viviane Frehner (CH/AU)

Choreography + Dance: Viviane Frehner, Alicia Min Harvie, Ashleigh White (CH/AU) Director of Photography/Film: Stefan José (AU)

Music: Adrien Casalis (FR) Foley: Leo Guardo (AU) Light: Ryan Dein (AU)

Artboard 1.png


Cass Mortimer Eipper | Australia

ABOUT: Why do we try to restrain the untameable beast within us? We are confused, desperate creatures, our conscious mind is contorted and mystified. We yearn to be unique and empowered, whilst ignoring our default settings. We are wild, wonderful, anxious, desperate animals.

Director + Choreographer: Cass Mortimer Eipper

Creative Producer: Lucas Thyer Creative

Producer: Caitlin Johnston

Creative Associate: Amy Hollingsworth

Director of Photography: Liam Edward Brennan

Production Company: www.pixelframe.com.au

Cast: Amy Hollingsworth & Jack Lister. Vito Bernasconi, Wu Ze, Samuel Packer, Rian Thompson, David Power, Liam Geck, Suguru Otsuka, Daniel Kempson & Ari Thompson



Nønne Mai Svalholm| Egypt / Denmark

ABOUT: Created during the riots and demonstrations in Cairo (Egypt) in 2013, Chest follows a wordless conversation between two people on a rooftop in downtown Cairo. Teargas from riots in the streets below float up to the roof, as the characters engage in a physical and repetitive loop which shifts and changes. Chest is the political and the personal, an extreme physical memory which seeps into the film.

Director/Choreographer: Nønne Mai Svalholm

Photographer: Christopher Brekne

Editors: Christopher Brekne and Nønne Mai Svalholm

Dancers: Nermine Habib (f) and Mohamed Zizo (m) Production Assistant: Ally Kassem


Photo from 'The Ferryman' - Gilles Delmas_ Lardux Films.jpg1.jpg

The Ferryman

Gilles Delmas | France

ABOUT: The Ferryman is a lush visual and choreographic journey into the animistic roots of ritual, sculpture and performance that explores the complex, symbiotic relationship between mankind and nature. Filmed across the stunning volcanic landscapes of Bali, Japan, Scotland and inside the oldest sections of the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Ferryman tracks the steps of a deer-headed man at the threshold between worlds.

Film: Gilles Delmas

Choreography and performance: Damien Jalet with Hoshino Fumihiro, Aimilios Arapoglou, Mirai Moriyama, Aakash Odedra, Clara Furey and the ensemble of Sebatu

Participation and voice: Marina Abramovic

Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Editing: Marc Boyer Co-production: Lardux films, TVM cineplume, Staatstheater Darmstadt

A few words from our industry partner

Queensland Ballet

Queensland Ballet is thrilled to see the landscape of arts in Queensland growing and flourishing and welcomes events such as Supercell Dance Festival that are part of and celebrate our artform. Supercell speaks to the fact that our artform must remain relevant and respond to a greater demand for different ways to experience and engage with art. We are energized by the need to grow, morph and be dynamic whilst at the same time respecting the rich heritage of dance. QB supports Supercell’s Dance for Camera as it provides a much-needed forum for sharing, discussion and continuing development and we share a common goal in seeking to develop new audiences for dance in Australia and beyond.

Dilshani Weerasinghe

Executive Director, Queensland Ballet


Take one and Take two have been specially curated by Supercell to bring you two diverse sessions of dance for screen. 

Please note tickets for each session are sold separately.