CAPTURED Dance for Screen showcases the 21st century relationship between body and lens.

DATE AND TIME: Sunday 7 April 2019, 2PM

DURATION: 110 minutes


VENUE: New Farm Cinema

PRICE: $20 *plus booking fee*


Through the supermarket in five easy pieces

Anna-Maria Jókimsdóttir Hutri | Finland

ABOUT: Parenthood is an elaborate dance, as a family tries to manage the weekly grocery shopping without disintegrating. The children scatter, while the parents face the overwhelming load of merchandise under the time pressure of a closing store. Will they be able to gather the supplies for existence and come out with all the children?

Director: Anna Maria Joakimsdottir-Hutri

Choreographer/s: Maria Saivosalmi & Andrius Katinas

Dancers: Andrius Katinas & Elina von Bagh

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Nadia Milford | Australia

ABOUT: Within her oceanic home, waves can be calm or quickly turn deadly. She is a mystery: irrational and unpredictable in her decision to be benevolent or malevolent. Through her deathly sensuality, she is dangerous, wild, a powerful feminine force.

M A I D is a contemporary dance film that explores the many stereotypes that disperse female power. Inspired by the myth of the mermaid and her mythological counterparts M A I D explores the way in which ancient symbols of women have crossed cultures and time to remain pervasive in our modern society.

Choreographer + performer + co-producer and editor: Nadia Milford

Cinematographer + co-editor: Trevor Worden

Co-producer: Kyra Lee Worden

Sound Artist: Jag Popham


Gravity Hero

Trey McIntyre | USA

ABOUT: Hailed as one of the best, most innovative dance companies in America, Trey McIntyre Project's sudden and mysterious end in 2014 is the backdrop to this introspective documentary. Gravity Hero explores themes of creativity, loss, and transformation embodied in the dances choreographed during the company’s life.

Director + Lead Actor + Cinematographer/DP+ Editor + Producer + Sound Editor: Trey McIntyre

Executive Producers: Ginny Friend and Katie Heil

A few words from our industry partner

Queensland Ballet

Queensland Ballet is thrilled to see the landscape of arts in Queensland growing and flourishing and welcomes events such as Supercell Dance Festival that are part of and celebrate our artform. Supercell speaks to the fact that our artform must remain relevant and respond to a greater demand for different ways to experience and engage with art. We are energized by the need to grow, morph and be dynamic whilst at the same time respecting the rich heritage of dance. QB supports Supercell’s Dance for Camera as it provides a much-needed forum for sharing, discussion and continuing development and we share a common goal in seeking to develop new audiences for dance in Australia and beyond.

Dilshani Weerasinghe

Executive Director, Queensland Ballet


Take one and Take two have been specially curated by Supercell to bring you two diverse sessions of dance for screen. 

Please note tickets for each session are sold separately.