The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf (Work in development)

PRYING EYE (LIzzie & zaimon vilmanis) | australia

Providing a rare opportunity, Prying Eye show excerpts and discuss the zany new work they are making called The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf.  Unleashing the untamed inner wolf through a live exorcism, Prying Eye flip 'normal' upside down and swat at the relentlessly buzzing mosquito called anxiety.  Get ready for a ludicrous, affecting and wild evening! 

"A menacing start turns into a lively debacle when these very special callers commence with a hell-raising spectacle...." - Nadia Jade, nothing ever happens in Brisbane


*Kindly note that the performances of The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf will be recorded

Created by Prying Eye (Lizzie & Zaimon Vilmanis) in collaboration with Veronica Neave, Guy Webster, Charles Ball, Alinta McGrady & Jon Haynes  Photography by FenLan Photography

A creative powerhouse, Prying Eye defy classification; collaborating with the world around them; assembling diverse and exciting voices, approaches, and experiences to create unique performance works. Vigorous explorers of the human psyche which occupies and animates the physical body they share their investigations that delve deep into the complexity and ambiguity of the human condition.  Crossing from tangible reality to traverse the landscape of imagination, their powerful and entrancing works linger long after the performance is over.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. It has also been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Prying Eye are currently supported by the Sidney Myer Fund and Tim Fairfax Foundation Capacity Building Program.  Special thanks also to the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts & the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts for studio assistance, and Core Yoga for assistance with training.


Monday - Tuesday

20 - 21 February | 6.00pm

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes


JWCOCA Theatre Rehearsal Room


AUD$23 - AUD$33 (+ GST)

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