bare bones workshop by the farm

Bare Bones is a 3-day dance workshop program delivered by The Farm for professional and emerging dance artists 18 years and over. The workshop comes as a 3-day package so as to ensure participants get the most out of what they seek to achieve! 

Over the course of three days, from 18 February to 20 February 2017, there will be different lessons and workshops of varied styles conducted by national and international dance teachers and directors who gather at The FarmHouse on the Gold Coast.

Within a safe and conducive environment, bones will be laid bare as knowledge between the industry experts and participants are exchanged.

Sarah Jayne Howard, Simone Truong, Kate Harman, Josh Thomson, Laurie Young, Gavin Webber, Alice Kell, Culture Mill and more will be engaging with the classes, either providing guidance as a mentor or dancing alongside you as a fellow participant! 

As part of The Farm's initiative to connect with the local community, dance lovers of the General Public are invited to partake in morning classes at The Farm House before Bare Bones participants continue into more intensive research-based workshops . Evenings will comprise of facilitators sharing excerpts from current or previous works without theatrical artifice. In sharing excerpts devoid of lighting designs, set or other tricks, informative and thought-provoking conversations about the core questions these artists are working on will be generated. 


Saturday - Monday

18 February - 20 February 2017


The FarmHouse, The Walls Art Space

7/18 Mountain View Avenue, Miami, Gold Coast QLD 4220



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