and juliet [sold out]


and JULIET is about love. Drawing from dance and theatre this work uses humour and honesty to show an intimate picture of love in life. How it shifts and changes from lust, to intimacy, to letting each other down, to the real deal. Starting at humble beginnings in a greasy bar, love flourishes from tipsy flirting into long relationships based on trust and support. Blooming into the “in sickness and in health, till death do us part” kind of love.  

And then love parts. 

Love doesn’t mean to, but it does. Basing your identity on who you are as a couple leads to a devastating type of heartbreak when it’s just you. That Billy Joel song that you can’t listen to because our song suddenly means your song. Now, our song plays on the radio; you pull over and change the station.

Love mourns. 

Love moves on. Finds different songs. Holds different hands. Finds different love.  Knowing that any other rose wouldn’t smell as sweet but instead becoming infatuated with the shape and colour of something new. Allowing yourself to see the similarities and celebrate the differences. 


Love rekindles.

Choreographer Jacob Watton Performers Nadia Milford & Isabella Hood 

Jacob Watton is a Brisbane-based choreographer and performer. Recently graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance at QUT, Jacob is excited to take on the role of an emerging independent artist. His choreographic credits include: Into The Blender, 2014 supported by the RADF and Queensland Government, Here, In My Bed, 2015 and Human (read Humane), 2016 at the DIY Festival, Loops, 2016 as part of Kirsty Lee’s Motion Capture and the development of and JULIET at the FAST Festival and QUT’s NEXUS series of original dance work.


Nadia Milford is a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance at QUT. Her journey into the dance world began at the age of eight at the Dalby Academy of Dance. Nadia co-collaborated her first independent work as an emerging artist herself last year in Fresh Blood Festival and has since been involved in Jacob Watton’s first development of ‘and Juliet’ for FAST Festival and QUT’s Nexus 2016. She resumes her role at Supercell’s premiere.


Isabella started dancing at the age of three, training in classical ballet RAD syllabus. She also trained in jazz and tap from an early age. In 2016, she completed her RAD teaching course. Isabella has recently obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance at QUT and is planning to embark on her Honours degree next year.




23 February 2017 | 6.00pm

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes


JWCOCA Theatre Rehearsal Room


AUD$23 - AUD$33 (+ GST)

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