supercell Young ambassadors

The Young Ambassador Program aims to create a platform  for local practitioners and dance lovers to review, participate and engage with Supercell and advocate for the festival.
The Young Ambassador Program aims to initiate early engagement with the festival, encouraging the festival to be shared with an up and coming audience market and spread the love of contemporary dance.
Supercell will engage eight young ambassadors between the ages of 18-25. They will be given free access to one main stage performance, the full INDEX program, masterclasses and workshops/talks. For each event they attend they will be required to post to multiple social media channels using Supercell handles and hashtags. Ambassadors will be required to write a short review of each performance and, their writing will be published on the Supercell Blog. Supercell will introduce our Ambassadors in the lead up to the Festival via social media and be featured throughout our program where possible
We will provide all Ambassadors with a package that will detail all of their responsibilities.

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Young Ambassadors Festival Pass 2018 - Cost $30
• 1 ticket to a main stage shows
• Pass to attend all 3 INDEX performances
• 2 Tickets to Workshop / Masterclass
• Invite to attend all THINK activities


Post the 2017 festival, and as part of the growing community of Supercell supporters, Supercell Ambassadors will be invited to partake in the INDEX 2019 selection committee and curation panel. Membership as a Young Ambassador also provides access to exclusive opportunities and ticket discounts with future festivals from 2019 and onwards.


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This can be any type of show (dance, theatre etc) but it needs to have been seen in 2017. Please detail the name of the show and where it was performed.