Alone Together (Work in Development)

clare dyson | australia

This stage 1 work in progress showing of Dyson’s new interactive dance and sound installation work is reactive to specific audiences and looks at ideas of how we connect and disconnect. The work is a hybrid of 20 audience members, a solo dancer, interactive lighting, immersive text and an interactive sound score. This performance works between the cracks of dance, lighting design, sound and audience experience and focuses on themes of loneliness and being alone, placing the audience into moments of 'aloneness' to physically experience the work. This experiential approach asks the audience to choose how they engage with each other and with the performer, and encourages the audience to embody the meaning of the work rather than just witnessing it from a distance.


In Western society it is often suggested that being alone must be equal to being lonely. This is reinforced by the proliferation of 'connected' online environments and advertising delivering the message that being alone creates isolation, loneliness and unhappiness. Psychiatrist Anthony Storr believes that without time alone, our ability to connect to others can be compromised, reflecting contemporary maladies of being time-poor, stressed or unhappy.
This installation performance questions the state of play in our contemporary society. Are we more connected when we are physically with people or is an online community as valuable? Is being alone equal to being lonely? Does online social networking really just fill up time alone with irrelevant stimulation, making us less available for live connections? This work unpacks our desire for stimulation, for constant company and our new fascination with connecting digitally.

"When Dyson's art moves us, it moves us to ethically new positions. We are moved by the naked intensity of the live performers, and even sympathise with the one who is not present. We care for them all, and want to take responsibility for them. This is the possibility for an ethics defined by the philosopher Levinas"
Douglas Leonard – RealTime


"Beautiful, lingering images and riveting moments of movement and stillness that pierce the soul. It’s another compelling, affecting work by Dyson, and will stay with me for some time".
Julia Postle - RealTime

Choreography/Creator Clare Dyson 

In collaboration with:

Performer Brian Lucas Designer Bruce McKinven Lighting Designer Mark Dyson Dramaturg Kath Kelly Interactive technology Matt Strachan



18 February | 3.00pm / 5.00pm / 7.00pm

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes


Room 110, ground floor, Building Z9, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, cr Musk Avenue and Gona Parade, Kelvin Grove



*This showing is suitable for age 18+ only

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