Founded in 2015 by Kate Usher and Glyn RobertsSupercell Festival of Contemporary Dance is a celebration of people and place through vibrant and exquisite contemporary dance. 

Two colleagues who were united by sarcasm and a dry dose of humour, a love for SBS docos and spending time commiserating about Brisbane’s humidity, Kate and Glyn’s professional relationship was cemented at the Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Gwangju, Korea in 2015.  A transformative experience which opened their minds to the incredibly valuable function and purpose of festivals, the lifelong learnings of the Atelier inspired them into action.

With the tropical backdrop of Brisbane as the setting for the newly founded festival and a vibrant Queensland dance sector supporting the endeavour, Supercell was launched in the midst of a sweltering summer - a collision of beauty, ferocity, spectacle and rejuvenation. 

After the first edition, Glyn took up the helm at Castlemaine State Festival and Kate has continued to be the driving force of Supercell, cultivating international relationships, travelling to world-class festivals for inspiration and consulting with communities and artists. 

Kate and the festival team encourage you to embrace the unexpected and the unknown. 

Join us as we dance up a storm.

Inspiring and connecting audiences and artists.


For further information please refer to the Supercell Strategic Plan and Curatorial Framework. 



Central to each Supercell is the presentation of an acclaimed international artist or group. This artist will not only present their work, but will also facilitate workshops, lectures, and classes throughout the entirety of the festival. They will engage with the Supercell program and be a provocateur of thought, movement and art.



Supercell aims to commission a new work from a Queensland-based choreographer or company. Supercell’s local commission aims to dynamically and gently push our artists into new realms.



A key interstate company or artists will be invited to present and share their work at Supercell.



Queensland is home to three successful contemporary dance companies: Dance North in Townsville, Expressions Dance Company in Brisbane and The Farm on the Gold Coast. In addition to the contemporary companies, Brisbane is home to Queensland Ballet. Intertwined with these key companies is an incredibly vibrant and diverse Independent Sector of practicing artists.


A key component of the Supercell experience is an educational and participatory program. This will offer a variety of access points to ideas, artists and the festival experience with programming such as lecture series, behind the scenes opportunities, professional development activities, and at the crux of this, a workshop program. The workshop program is an opportunity for Supercell artists to share their diverse styles, skills and knowledge with professional contemporary dancers as well as the general public and dance enthusiasts. Workshops are designed to open the kinetic and physical experience for all those involved in the festival- artists and audiences alike. General Public workshops will be offered at a skill level and format considered for the ’non- dancer’.